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VESSEL F120R-E : Fan-Type Ionize

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Ionizing method::Piezo high-frequency AC Corona discharge method

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Deskripsi Produk

●Ionizing method::Piezo high-frequency AC Corona discharge method

●Our original compact piezoelectric transformer realizes a slim & compact body.

●The powerful 120 mm square DC fan feeds ionized air to remote places. The fan’s airflow volume can be adjusted in three stages.

●The airflow direction and angle at the front cover can be changed to set the static erasing range to straight or wide angle.

●The front cover can be opened and closed with a single touch. Easy access to the internal components simplifies maintenance. The “needle electrode”, which must be cleaned or replaced, is unit-type module which can be replaced easily without tools.


※Width, height, depth, including the stand

・Applied voltage:AC10kV(p-p)
・Power supply andcurrent consumption:DC24V±5% 700mA(max.)
・Airflow:3.66m3 /min(at max.airflow)

・Noise level:62.1dBA(at max.airflow,  airflow direction straight, measured at 1m)(measured values)

・Ozone production:0.05ppm or less(measured 150mm)

・Error warning:High voltage output stop(red LED), fan locked (red LED)

・Protection function:Fan motor rotation monitor function (locking detection), high voltage output shut down function (overload detection), front cover safety device (circuit shutoff when open)

・Operating environment temperature and humidity:5°C to 40°C / 35% to 65% RH(with no dew condensation or freezing)

・Operating range:150 mm to 900 mm

・Installation place:Non-hazardous place indoors

・Decay time: within 1.3 sec(at max.airflow, Air flows straight, measured at 300mm)(measured values)

・Ion balance:within ±10 V (at max.airflow, Air flows straight, measured at 300mm) (measured values)


Body : Flame-resistant ABS resin

Stand : Stainless steel

Front Cover : Flame-resistant ABS resin

Electrode needles: Stainless steel
・Accessories:AC adapter AD24-IT, Instruction Manual

●Static erasing area


vessel F120R-E

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