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Extech 38387 : 600A AC Clamp + MultiMeter



Clamp meter includes AC/DC Voltage and Resistance measurements

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Hapus pilihan

Deskripsi Produk

Clamp meter includes AC/DC Voltage and Resistance measurements

The 38387 is a 600A AC Clamp Meter which has a 1.25-Inch circular jaw for large cables up to 350MCM. In addition to AC Current, it can measure AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, and has a continuity beeper. Meter features include Data Hold and Auto power Off. Product comes complete with test leads, 9V battery and a belt holster.

600A AC Clamp + MultiMeter Features

  • Measure AC Current, AC/DC Voltage and Resistance
  • 1.25″ (33mm) circular jaw opening for large cables (350MCM)
  • Large 2000 count LCD display
  • Data Hold freezes data in display
  • Peak Hold captures in-rush currents
  • Audible Continuity beeper

For complete specs please download the product datasheet (not available for some accessories)

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Informasi Tambahan

Berat 1200 g
Calibration Certificate or Not

2. With NIST Certificate, 1. Without NIST Certificate


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